Why pay when you can do it yourself? DIY Gel Nails! 💅

When it comes to my nails I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of fake / acrylic nails.  I've tried them a few times and I find they just makes my life that much harder.  I'll give you some examples of things that I find annoying about long fake nails! 

  • Typing on a keyboard and what's with the noise?
  • Buttoning jeans - this can't just be me that finds this a nightmare?  Maybe my jeans are just too small hhhmmmmm.
  • Opening a can like soup or fizzy juice!
  • How many times have you got your nails caught in your hair once they start to grow out? Ouch!
  • Changing my baby's nappy, I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate those long nails going near her delicate parts, I certainty wouldn't 😨

I decided rather than pay a salon to do my nails when a lot of time I don't think they look perfect anyway and I don't have the time to visit a salon every couple of weeks so I made the decision to invest in my own UV Lamp from Amazon for a rather cheap price! 

I've found that Blue Sky Gel Nail Polish work best, I've come across some brands that crinkle once you paint the top coat on!  After spending my limited child free time painting my nails to perfection only for them to crinkle after the last time under the UV light, well, you can imagine how frustrating that is!

My latest purchase is Blue Sky Neon 32, as you can see it's a gorgeous blue! 💙 💅

Here's some other Blue Sky colours I've tried out....