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Lets talk Make-Up

Another favourite make-up brand of mines is Benefit! 💄 💋
From Hoola, the best selling bronzing powder which I've been using for years to "that gal" brightening face primer.  Not only are the products amazing but the packing is super cute!
Check out Benefit's latest's products by clicking on any of the photos on this page ....

3 for 2 on Sewing Products!

If you can't stop buying sewing products like me then you're going to love this!

3 for 2 on Sewing Products

Check it out...

Lets talk Fashion.....

I love shopping at High Street Fashion Retailers!  One of my favourite stores is New Look!  They have a great range of affordable, on trend fashion collections.

Check out their latest arrivals and offers @ the link below ...

New Look - Latest Arrivals

Bralette or Bikini?

I'm always on the look out for new sewing patterns and came across a free Bralette pattern online at so decided to give it a go last night!  I love wearing a Bralette, they are so comfortable and on trend right now!  If you're interested in the pattern, you will find it here.  I'm not sure what cup size this pattern is best suited to but I added approx. 1.5 inch to it to be on the safe side!  Best to cut fabric off rather than have too little fabric and in the end I needed that extra fabric. 

I thought it would take me a few hours to make but since I'm still very new to sewing and bra making, it took me a lot longer!  I started it last night and finished it tonight, all in I would say I spent approx. 8 hours on it.

Here's some photos of the finished Bralette.  I used mint stretch lace fabric and black spandex fabric for underneath so that it's not see through, I added a little mint bow to the middle of the band and a black bow at the top of each c…

Handmade with love 🎔 ....

I'm still new to dressmaking and quilting and I'm basically teaching myself as I go!  So when I manage to get some free time (usually when my daughter goes to bed) I love to sew!
In this post I'm going to discuss two projects I have just completed for my daughter!  A patchwork quilt and an outfit for Easter.  I have also included a link to a FREE printable download to keep your elastic, ribbons, bias tape etc in a neat, organised fashion ✀  Check out the link at the end of this post!
If you follow my Instagram or have read my dressmaking post back in March you will know that I have been learning to quilt!  I bought a Fat Quarter bundle suitable for my daughter and decided to make her a quilt.  Something to keep her warm from now and throughout her life!  Maybe even pass it on to her own children. 
For my first attempt, I'm so pleased with the results, I wouldn't say it's perfect but that's the great thing about quilting, there are no rules! 

I cut out s…

Purple Hair, Don't Care ☺

Have you even seen those gorgeous pastel hair colours online and thought "how do I get my hair like that?"  Well, I decided to go for it!  I was doing my grocery shopping and this lilac hair dye caught my eye! These semi-permanent hair colours only last a week if you're lucky usually so I figured if it went horribly wrong I could just wash my hair over and over and over again!

I did the strand test following the instructions to a T and nothing happened so I checked reviews online and it turned out other people felt the same!  I decided to bin it and go for Directions Hair Colour by La Riche.  From previous research I knew this brand was highly rated so I purchased it from Amazon.  I was so excited when it arrived and couldn't wait to try it out!  My plan was to mix it with thick white conditioner like people had suggested.   I mixed a lot of conditioner with a little of the dye as I liked this light lilac colour. 
After sitting with a plastic bag over…