Psst ... #ItsATooth - Celebrate the joy of teething...

Rough Night?

When you have a baby there are so many fun, amazing moments.  Moments that fill your heart full of love and your eyes full of tears of happiness.  However, as any parent knows, it’s not all cuddles and laughter.  For myself and I’m sure many others would agree, one of the most frustrating, tiring and painful experiences of parenthood is the dreaded teething stage. 

Our poor little angels are in pain and as a parent you want to do anything and everything in your power to take that pain away (and let’s be honest, you also want to get a good night’s sleep). 

That’s when I break out the CALPOL!   It was a no brainer that I would choose Calpol Infant Suspension.  It’s one of those brands that you can trust and you know it works.  As a child it’s what I was given, my siblings, cousins etc so of course it’s what I would buy for my own daughter.

Not only is Calpol effective in combating pain and fever it also tastes pretty good so it’s easy to get your child to take it. 

When BzzAgent sent me a Calpol BzzKit and asked me to Bzz I was more than happy to take part in the campaign.  My reviews are always honest, open and I don’t sugar coat anything!  The only negative thing I would say about Calpol Infant Suspension is how sticky it is but when my daughter is in pain and she quickly gains relief then it really doesn’t matter how sticky it is, all that matters is it works!

My tips for teething:

-       If your child doesn’t like taking Calpol then make it into a game, I let my daughter hold the syringe herself and she would put it in her mouth as I squirt the Calpol in, little by little.

-       Pretend the syringe is a plane, an old but good one.

-       Use teething gel (I recommend bonjela) and teething powders (I recommend ashton and parsons – you can get them from boots, supermarkets) if the pain isn’t too bad then if it seems to be getting progressively worse that's when I break out the trusty Calpol Infant Suspension.

-       Look for drooling and red cheeks, sure signs your little one is teething.

-       Try and keep your $h!t together, it’s just a stage (easier said than done).


Note that you can get a hold of CALPOL Infant Suspension at all major supermarkets and pharmacies.  It contains paracetamol and you should always read the label before you start using it.

What are your tips for teething?  What do you think of Calpol Infant Suspension?

Diane xo