Swap your heels for running shoes

So I guess you could call me a MILF....

As much as I love my heels (who doesn't? They look hot!) 
I would pick my running shoes over heels any day, because lets be honest, they are comfortable, practical and don't require any sort of ice bath for your feet afterwards to try and relieve the pain from that night out dancing.  Yeah, we've all been there! 
A couple of years ago I bough my first pair of ASICS running shoes for a Totally RAD 5K Run called Colour Me Rad.  A fun, colourful 5k you can take at your own pace whilst lovely people throw coloured bombs at you, giving your newly white Tee a beautiful rainbow look!

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Before my ASICS I bought many, many pairs of Nike running shoes in a range of girly colours which I loved dearly and wore them to the gym daily. 
Then one day I was looking for another pair of running shoes that would give me more support and I came across THE shoes... ASICS Gel Nimbus 18.  If Cinderella wore running shoes, ASICS is what she would wear.  They fit like a glove and give amazing support, seriously cannot recommend these enough.

I bought mines from Pro Direct Running, loved their range and the price was slightly cheaper than other websites at the time.  Check out their website here ...

Or click below to be taken directly to the women's range....

My fitness journey at the moment has brought me to Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide.  I purchased Kayla's Sweat app a couple of weeks ago and its amazing!  If you are looking to try a new fitness plan then I recommend Kayla's app. (Note that this is my opinion and I am not paid for this review).  

You get a free week trial and can cancel before the week is up if you don't want to pay for the monthly subscription.  (Note that you agree to the subscription via your apple ID when you sign up for the free trial as it will then move onto your monthly subscription once your week is up, however, it's very easy to cancel your subscription on Day 6.  If you need any help with this just comment below). 

Below are some snapshots of Kayla's App, as you will see I'm a beginner coming to the end of week 2.  I have also included a link to a weekly planner where you can tick the days you plan to do your Resistance, Cardio, Recovery and Challenge workouts ...

Wanna see my slight body change after using the App for a week? 
Don't forget I have also changed my diet to try and eat more healthy!

If you wanna follow my fitness journey then you will find me on Instagram, username: Pretty_Little_Blog_UK, or there is a link to your left of this screen under the "Follow Me" section.

If you give the app a go or are already doing the workouts then get in touch.  I love connecting to others on the same fitness journey!

FACT, okay it's just my opinion but I bet you agree, right?

Diane xo