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Love to Sew

Hey!  I wanted to update you guys on a few more sewing projects I have managed to squeeze in the last few months.  You might remember that my last sewing post was a tutorial for a Circle Skirt which is really easy and can most definitely be done at beginner level! You Tube Circle Skirt Tutorial
For my sister in law's birthday in May I wanted to make her something special.  I felt that designing and sewing something just for her would be personal, unique and most importantly, she wouldn't be in that awkward situation whereby you walk into a room and someone else has the same outfit as you (gasp), we've all been there!
So I decided to make her a Circle Skirt from a lovely black and white chevron fabric I bought.  Along with a black satin Bralette Crop Top.
Here's the photos!  My sister in law was delighted with them and wore the skirt to a Wedding and received a few compliments ↠☺

Circle Skirt
With the left over material I made myself a similar skirt but mines has a wider wai…